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Appreciative Preachers Pointer Pages

Welcome to the Appreciative Preachers Pointer Pages -- you found your way here, and good for you!

These pages for the whole three-year set of gospel lessons from the Revised Common Lectionary are the result of sitting down with the lessons on a weekly basis to prepare for pulpit preaching.

To be clear about purpose, these pages are explicitly driven by a desire to apply Appreciative Inquiry to the weekly gospel texts of the Revised Common Lectionary and discover preaching opportunities that point back to the scriptures themselves and then forward to developing the preferred futures of church congregations. There are lots of exegetical commentaries in the libraries and bookstores, so this work makes no pretense of replacing them. Instead, with just enough exegetical work to support the larger purpose of applying Appreciative Inquiry to the practice of pulpit ministry, these weekly pages point to specific applications of Hammond's Eight Appreciative Assumptions to the weekly gospel texts and preaching opportunities that can be developed.

Readers should read the Forward, Short Course in Appreciative Inquiry, and then keep Hammond's Eight Assumptions handy. There are also good reading materials available in bookstores and on the Internet, and best use of these pages will come from some preliminary education in the purposes and uses of Appreciative Inquiry.

SO, off you go to do some homework, and we will meet in the Pointer Pages -- with whatever Sunday comes next for you.

Yours, aye!
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